TITLE: Stan Went Fishing: Stories and Images of Waking Up
FORMAT: Paperback | 112 pgs. | 4.5 x 8.25 in.
AUTHORS: Nancy Dorrier; Paul Fetters
ISBN: 978-0-99928-990-7

"Stan Went Fishing is a masterpiece! It is breathtakingly beautiful. Paul’s gift of seeing and capturing the world through photographs, Nancy’s ability to convey such deep meanings in so few words, and then the blending of both powerful gifts into one book is a gift to us all. Thought-provoking. Inspirational. Humbling."
— Mary McKSchmidt | Author of Uncharted Waters: Romance, Adventure and Advocacy on the Great Lakes (Summer 2018)

"An absolute gem. Nancy Dorrier and Paul Fetters’ Stan Went Fishing is a precious and profound call to action."
— Michael J. Ebeling | Head of Summit School

"Stan Went Fishing is a treasure."
— Natalie Goldberg | Speaker & Bestselling Author of Writing Down the Bones, a pivotal work on the craft of writing with over 1 million copies sold worldwide

WRITING TO CONNECT WORKSHOP: Inspired by Stan Went Fishing, the Writing to Connect workshop produces alignment that otherwise could take days—or even longer—to achieve. Using photography, writing and listening exercises, the program offers participants immediate access to authenticity and relatedness. During the course participants will:

  • Gain new appreciation for their team and team members
  • Experience a practice for setting aside distractions and resolving issues
  • Solidify their working relationships and
  • See an opening for enhanced creativity and problem-solving
© Dorrier/Fetters 2017